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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« on: July 01, 2018, 06:19:04 pm »
Hello NCX,

I truly respect that amount of free support and help you've given the monitor community over the years. I'm a complete amateur, and your guides and information are extremely useful to me.

I've never really looked into monitors before, and looking back I've made some questionable decisions. While I have a 'gaming monitor' (let's not talk about it), I am also looking for a 27" 1440p 'productivity monitor' with a decent sRGB coverage, good contrasts, etc. (excuse my ignorance).

The main programs I will be using are: Notepad++  (for coding/scripting), Photoshop, After Effects, Premier Pro and a little bit of C4D. I will also use the monitor for watching videos and other general desktop tasks.

I have a budget below ~$500 (USD) or around 350 (GBP), and so far the S2718D has been at the top of my list. I can get the monitor for about 330 (wasn't including VAT, my mistake it's actually 400); before I buy the monitor, do you have any other recommendations or suggestions?

Thanks for the help!

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