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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« on: July 26, 2018, 06:17:35 pm »
I was going to suggest the Samsung C24FG73 (better image quality but more overshoot) or Viewsonic XG2401 since the 240hz TN panels all have bad image quality, even if accurate since they have small color gamuts only capable of covering up to 89-93% (Absolute, not native coverage) of the SRGB & REC 709 color space.  The AOC AG251G seems like it's the best of the 240hz panels, but it's still worse than the best 144hz TN panels, only one has been tested (by PC Monitors), and the 240hz AUO panels contrast and preset accuracy varies significantly between the same units.

My paypal email is

What's the build date on your Samsung (check the back sticker)?  Some people still report getting units made in 2017 without the new firmware and obvious green and purple overshoot ghosting.

April 2018. I just noticed a slight purple artefact when I was browsing Reddit (night mode), it was extremely subtle and I haven't seen it anywhere else.

I went to this exact place (shown in this YouTube video):

and I couldn't notice anything whatsoever.

There's a very slight green tint on the left half of the screen and a slight red tint on the right half, I might end up returning it and exchanging it for a new one.
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