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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« on: July 29, 2018, 06:48:26 pm »
Hello NCX,

I am looking at a few monitors right now for a new setup at college with a new laptop. My current primary monitors at home are BenQ RL2455 1080p TN panels. As I do not game professionally, really, and will be staring at the monitor for years, I want the new monitor to be IPS. I was linked to this forum by someone on Reddit and have spent the past few days looking at manufacturers and different monitors for sale. I really want to buy something nice that will last a while, as my current BenQ monitors were supposed to be good (from my limited research at the time) but really haven't been, as the settings and colors change often enough randomly, forcing me to go into the OSD and toggle the correct preset back on. (An entry-level Dell 1366x768 secondary monitor that was gifted to me has an objectively worse TN panel but has remained trouble-free over the years.)

My goal is to get one matte 23.8" to 25" IPS monitor with as good color quality as possible while spending around $200 (USD). The budget can be slightly upgraded if necessary, and the monitor can be used or refurbished if necessary also. The monitor should be 1080p, mainly for the sake of future expansion with a fast TN 1080p panel if I want to play games at a higher refresh rate without spending a fortune.

In my research, Dell (#1) and Asus (#2) seem to have the best service, warranties, and pixel policies (on certain models) that I have found. I'd rather stick with them when possible unless some other monitor is just too good to ignore. See my note about BenQ above.

Here are the monitors that I am looking at, loosely ranked:
#1. Dell UltraSharp U2417H. Dell seems to have the best warranty, service, and pixel policy overall. Additionally, the stand and image quality (reported in your 24"-25" post) seem to be great and on par with the Eizo and iiyama, which are either super expensive or not available here (USA). The UltraSharp just seems like a premium product overall when compared to the monitors below.
#1a. (This has been edited in after the initial post.) You mentioned in a Reddit comment that the iiyama XUB2492HSU-B1 is a superior U2417H clone. I searched through more of your comment history after that just to try to get some more insight on my situation, but can you please explain why this monitor is better than the Dell UltraSharp? I found a price on that is cheaper than the Dell even with international shipping factored in.
#2. Asus VP249H. This one is black and has flicker-free and a VESA mount. I don't think it's as good as the UltraSharp, though.
#3. Asus VZ249H. This is silver (which I don't like as much) and has flicker-free but no VESA mount. I'm not sure how this differs from the VP249H.
#4. Asus MX259H. This one is tempting due to its 25" size which you've claimed makes for a good panel. Additionally, the 25" size is "better" for this type of bezel-less panel in my opinion as it makes the screen itself appear smaller. (That's just from my observations between my home BenQ monitors and a bezel-less ViewSonic at work.) This seems comparable to the Acer G257HL (which you mentioned as being cheaper than the Asus, which doesn't seem to be the case anymore, so I'd rather the Asus) and the Philips 257E7QDSB (which seems good, but I'm hesitant about since Philips don't seem to sell that many monitors here at all).
#5. Asus VN248H/VN248Q. (I think these are the same except for the ports on them.) Apparently these are not flicker-free and should be eliminated. Can you confirm?

The AOC, Eizo, iiyama, 246-model Philips, and LG mentioned in your "best matte monitor" section don't seem to be available here in the US.

I can pick up the Dell UltraSharp new at $230 and possibly "used" (open box) at $200. The VP249H, however, is $135; the VZ249H is $155; and the MX259H is $175. Discounting the VN248-series Asus, are there any compelling reasons to spend more money on the Dell? Is it truly better than the other Asus choices in terms of build and/or color accuracy? My main goal is to have this monitor "forever" basically until it dies, so I'd like to get one of the best monitors out there with my desired specifications even if it costs more.

Lastly, I think I've checked all of the ones you've said are best in the 24"-25" post, but if there are any other better options available in the US that I am missing, please let me know.

Thank you for all the reviews and comments you've done both on here and on Reddit!

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