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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« on: July 31, 2018, 12:31:10 am »
Quote from: Bunsen
You mentioned in a Reddit comment that the iiyama XUB2492HSU-B1 is a superior U2417H clone. I searched through more of your comment history after that just to try to get some more insight on my situation, but can you please explain why this monitor is better than the Dell UltraSharp?

The iiyama is basically the same monitor which sells for less, and is equipped with multiple useful overdrive settings while the Dell only has 1 useful setting which suffers from a bit overshoot.  I won't recommend it though since imports can't be easily returned and exchanged, the warranty might not be honored, and because return shipping is expensive.   

Quote from: Bunsen
#4. Asus MX259H

I see no point in paying 25$ more for the Asus of the Philips unless you really like the design of the Asus. 

Quote from: Bunsen
#5. Asus VN248H/VN248Q. (I think these are the same except for the ports on them.) Apparently these are not flicker-free and should be eliminated. Can you confirm?

No.  The only information is for the original panel with PWM tested back in 2013, and there are multiple tested options to choose from.

Quote from: Bunsen
I can pick up the Dell UltraSharp new at $230 and possibly "used" (open box) at $200. The VP249H, however, is $135; the VZ249H is $155; and the MX259H is $175. Discounting the VN248-series Asus, are there any compelling reasons to spend more money on the Dell? Is it truly better than the other Asus choices in terms of build and/or color accuracy? My main goal is to have this monitor "forever" basically until it dies, so I'd like to get one of the best monitors out there with my desired specifications even if it costs more.

Buying a refurbished monitor with a 90 day warranty is not a good idea if longevity is a concern, and the U2417H costs more than the rest because it comes with a height adjustable stand (50$+ expense), USB ports and their superior warranty versus all competitors in the low-end monitor arena.  Theoretically (if it's as good as the cheaper Philips 257E7QDSB) the MX259H offers slightly better image quality than the 24" 1080p panels since the 25" panels are 8 bit and can more fully cover the sRGB color space.  I don't think the height adjustable stand the Dell comes with is tall enough to be useful since the top of AHVA/IPS/PLS needs to line up with the top of the viewers head to eliminate off angle vertical glow (more information).
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