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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« on: August 01, 2018, 12:59:57 am »

Quote from: MagicalChicken
Was wondering what settings you'd recommend for HCFR?

The version ( you have is set up correctly by default.

Yeah, I thought so too at first, but then I noticed it was using 16-235 for the test images by default, I'm pretty sure that was wrong, and was giving me incorrect contrast readings too, so I had to switch that. Also, the default "color space/standard:" setting in "references" was I believe at HDTV REC709, but that wasn't giving that gray reference curve. Changed that to sRGB for the reference curve, should I be using the default there instead?

Excellent aside from the gamma which is too low (turn the Black Stabilization setting down and re-measure), even for an sRB type curve.

Currently I'm at the 2.2 gamma setting, I'm assuming raising that would be too much? Will try turning the black stabilizer down a bit.

Knocked it down to 9, how's this?

Here's one of my earlier readings at 10 that I forgot to show:

My latest reading at 10 (Also lowered brightness by 1):

Contrast readings seem to vary a bit (Getting a lot of 800-900:1 readings, but then sometimes 1100:1, despite not changing anything) I know that the i1 Pro 2 may not be the best at this, just seems odd that the readings vary sometimes, even for the same OSD settings. Would it be fine to just trust the ones around 1000-1100:1? (I got a couple of 700:1 readings at one point for some reason, but those seemed to have stopped for now)

Edit: Which is the better of these? Black stabilizer seems to hurt certain colors, but makes others better.

Black Stabilizer 11: (Grayscale) (RGB Levels)

Black Stabilizer 10: (Grayscale) (RGB Levels)

Black Stabilizer 9: (Grayscale) (RGB Levels)

Black Stabilizer 8: (Grayscale) (RGB Levels)

Wish I knew why the contrast readings vary (Sometimes the gamma too, but less often), not really sure what to trust. I guess I'll just have to assume it's around 1000:1. Was odd that yesterday I was getting a bunch of 1000-1200:1 readings, but not today, despite the same lighting conditions too (In the dark)
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