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Re: Advice/Help Thread
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Thanks to both for the appreciative comments.

Quote from: AdamFOO
What do you think about new AOC's C24G1? Seems to use the same VA panel as the MSI Optix, but it's reviewed fairly well and has good opinions.

I'm aware of diy PC online and don't use them as source since they use an inaccurate Spyder colorimeter and don't provide enough important information to base a decision on, and neither does the second site which has even less information and uses a Spyder.  Based on the information provided by PC Online the AOC has accurate gamma which indicates that it won't look washed out, which is something to be skeptical of since even AOC's flag ship G-Sync monitors have low preset gamma resulting in washed out image quality.  Expect it to look washed out and in need of its gamma setting to be increased.  Familiarize yourself with the Lagom Black Level page; if the gamma is to low the squares in the top row will be easily distinguishable while square 1-4 will mostly blend if the gamma is 2.2 or higher.

Quote from: TAEHSAEN
The reason I want to switch is because I think my game will improve with a higher framerate and response time.

The frame rate will be the same on a high hz 1080p monitor if V-Sync is turned off, and upgrading from a lag-less 60hz VA panel to a high hz TN panel won't make you a better player.   Less screen tearing, ghosting (VA color smearing and streaking), and motion blur are benefits, and gaming will feel both faster and smoother, but it skill is skill.  If you were upgrading from a display with very high input lag (TV with the game/PC mode turned off) then expect significant improvement. 

Quote from: TAEHSAEN
I also prefer smaller 25" monitor...My budget is ideally below $400 but I am happy to increase more if it is truly worth doing so.

If that's 400$ US then I'll suggest the

Acer XB241H (144hz TN with G-Sync and ULMB/back-light strobing)
AOC G2590PX (new 144hz AUO TN panel with accurate color)
Samsung C24FG73 (144hz VA panel with back-light strobing; my top pick)
Viewsonic XG2402 (144hz TN panel)

G-Sync will extend the usefulness of the 970 since it gets rid of screen tearing and makes lower frame rates feel better.  Blur Busters G-Sync Input Lag Testing & Optimal Lag Reducing Game Settings.
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