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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #30 on: October 02, 2018, 07:19:17 pm »
Yeah, G-Sync is a no.1 priority in addition to HDMI input. Also my screen has had a scratch around the center for like a year and i'm not sure if I can even replace the panel for a new one. Looks like the Acer XB241H will be my best bet so far...

Might as well try out the AOC warranty before spending another 350-400$ on what is basically the same monitor in a different case.  It's also possible to order panels (M240HW01 V8 according to PC Monitors) from Ali Express, eBay,  or from China via Tao Bao.  There are a few sites like Alibaba which one can use to order from Tao Bao instead of relying on a translator to use the site.  I've ordered 6+ items from Tao Bao both directly and with third party sites.

My cat put a scratch in the center (only visible when viewing white and light colors) of one of my monitors which I used for more than year until I found a panel replacement for 120$.  If the scratch is not super noticeable and you don't want to open the monitor and replace the panel I suggest dealing with it until you can afford a new graphics card and monitor.   If you have to buy a new monitor get the Acer XB241 you suggested since it's better and usually 50$+ cheaper than the PG248Q.
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