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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #30 on: October 13, 2018, 11:03:16 pm »
Are there any better 32" 1080p flicker free monitors for a tv replacement.

There's a bunch of 1080p PWM/Flicker Free monitors like the Acer EB321HQ (white bezel),  ASUS VA325H, LG 32MP58 (2016 model) LG 32A68 (2017), LG 32MA70 (2018), Philips 323E7QDAB and Samsung S32F351 (VA with slower pixel response times/more smearing and less even and vibrant color, but higher contrast and less glow).   The Acer and Asus only have HDMI and VGA while the other IPS panels have three inputs.  I tested the 32MP58 in 2016 (featured in my Red Titan comparison album) but did not post a review, and Playwares tested the very similar Philips 323E7QDAB (set gamma to 2.6 and Smart Response to Faster) which has better preset color accuracy once the gamma setting is changed.  Acer will provide the best perceived black depth of the IPS panels since the bezel is white, but it only has 1x HDMI and VGA, and has not been reviewed. 

The fully glossy coating the LG 32MP58 I tested uses washes out the image quality a bit while the Acer, Asus and Samsung uses the same excellent almost-glossy/low haze coating as the Qnix UHD32R and 25-27" 1080p HP CW/er/es/XW monitors.  I'm not sure what type of glossy variant the other LG monitors and Philips use, though the photos of the Philips in the Playwares review indicate that it also has an almost-glossy/low haze coating which is my favorite type of gloss.

If you only need 1 HDMI try the Acer since the white bezel increases the perceived black depth enough to negate most of the contrast benefits the slower and less vibrant Samsung VA panel has.  If you want to use the display in the dark or with very dim lighting then the Samsung is the clear choice since the white bezel and 3,000:1 contrast vastly improve dark room viewing if the brightness isn't cranked.