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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #60 on: April 01, 2019, 05:32:04 pm »
I've also been told to ignore native G-Sync entirely

In America the untested Nixeus Edge 27 V2 sells for 400$, and in some countries in Europe the Acer VG270UP also does.  The Acer XF270HUAbmiidprzx also sells for 400-500 in the UK.  Saving 150-200$ and skipping G-Sync does seem like a pretty good deal, especially since Nvidia 9 series and up support Fast Sync, and because some games run poorly even with G-Sync, though I haven't kept track of G-Sync performance in games or played new PC games in 2 years.

I can unenthusiastic-ally recommend the Asus PG279QZ (still PG279Q in Europe but updated; check the side of the box or back of the monitor for a build date) since it's pretty accurate unlike the Acer XB271HU, but I know Viewsonic announced an XG2703-GS successor a few months ago, and Gigabyte announced a G-Sync version of the AD27QD, plus Acer will likely replace the XB271HU this year since it's almost 3 years old.  The next options is the Acer XF270HUAbmiidprzx which has a more accurate and faster AUO AHVA panel versus the VG270UP available now, plus the XF270HUA has a height adjustable stand.