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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #90 on: June 21, 2019, 06:26:46 pm »
So I've finally started looking for a 1440p 144hz monitor, and had some questions about a few. Since I don't really have a huge preference leaning one way or another for Gsync or Freesync, I won't mind either one if the monitor is better. Reason I'm asking here, is because I haven't really seen you directly compare the best Freesync ones with the best Gsync ones (Unless I missed it somewhere, which is likely) So I picked the top available ones from the two categories.

The few that are currently available in some way are: (There are others, but these ones are higher on your list than those)
Asus PG279Q/Z (Z at around $550-599 on Amazon, cheaper than the old one oddly enough) (The lack of gamma options is mostly what concerns me about this one, I'd rather not play the lottery, though if it's consistent gamma-wise I'll definitely consider it)
Acer XF270HU (Non-A thicker bezel version, the cheapest here at around $350-400, though seems to be only available/in stock and at that price on microcenter's site, not much of an issue, just something to note)
Acer XF270HUA (The most expensive for some reason and only seems to be on Newegg, at around $800-900, so this one is likely a no-go)

Wasn't sure if the non-A Acer is the same quality-wise, since I haven't seen that one tested/mentioned as much as the A version. Considering how much these things can vary, just want to be sure with that one.

Price isn't much of a concern here, but for obvious reasons I wouldn't want to overpay, in the XF270HUA's case :P

Am probably also going to get a decent color calibrator with one of these (Colormunki/i1DisplayPro) though I definitely don't want to rely on it when it comes to choosing the monitor.

Wish Viewsonic or AOC would come out with improved/new versions of theirs at some point, them being discontinued makes it impossible to find them, let alone at acceptable prices.
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