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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #90 on: June 25, 2019, 07:26:42 am »
Thanks for all the info you have been providing us. ;)

I have a 9 year old samsung that I have been trying to replace for almost a year. :(
Last year, I bought a ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q on a Black Friday promotion. But after going through 2 units, I requested my money back because of the scary amount of back Light bleeding.
I had no idea that the quality control was this bad for monitors, specially for monitors that are so expensive.

I have been following your reviews for some months now, and I am looking to get the Acer Nitro VG270UP, Innolux version, because is the only version available.
I have been reading some reviews that talk about Flickering issues with this Innolux panels, specially this VG270UP model. Others also complain about dead pixels and back light bleeding.
The reviews are from the beginning of the year. Do you think this problems have been fixed?
Do you have anymore recommendations for this price target?
I live in Portugal and the current asked price for the Acer Nitro VG270UP is 405€. I don't mind spending more money if I think that it is a better deal and that will last. The Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD is 608€. Is the the 200€ difference worth it?
I mainly use the monitor for some coding, gaming, browsing the web and occasionally a Movie/Show.

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