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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #90 on: July 27, 2019, 02:50:50 am »

I grabbed myself a MSI MAG271CQR and all I can say it's been a nightmare. Colour banding is horrendous as is the black to white banding.  Flickering in game menus and OSD locksups.

I sent it off for the FW to be updated as apparently this should have fixed it. It didn't. I've now returned the monitor to the seller as 'Not fit for purpose'

I'm back on the hunt.

Im looking for something along the lines of

G-Sync compatible/GSync/Freesync
Gaming and Web Development friendly
Non Grainy coating

Been looking at the XV272U. It's currently the same price as the VG270 or the VG271.

The Gigabyte looks nice too, I know it's the same panel but the extras and ability to update the FW myself is quite a cool feature.

The new LG looks quite interesting too but the release date just seems to keep getting pushed back and obviously it's new, there's new reviews etc etc.

Currently using my Dell 2515H.  I do love the coating on this one!

I've also got a colormunki so calibration shouldn't be an issue

Has anyone got any advice for me?

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