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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #105 on: August 17, 2019, 02:50:41 pm »
Looks worse when i've calibrated it. I've tried my best to grab some images of it here:

Looks fine for a cheap panel.  If you want better uniformity you're going to have to forgo 144hz and buy a professionally oriented monitor (Eizo CG & CX, NEC P or Viewsonic VP series), or exchange it and hope to get lucky, besides, how often are you viewing full screen colors and shades, especially grey?

I am super confused which one is better. Since I am worrying if a cheap IPS panel is as good as the Va on the AOC . Can you give your opinion on this? My use will mostly be gaming , browsing and bit of content streaming.

There are no reviews for that Acer yet, so I can't determine if it is better or worse, but I would choose it over a curved VA panel any day since I neither like curved panels or VA panels for gaming.

I sent it back and got a replacement from a different retailer.

Same build date of May 2019. Panel looks slot better in terms of uniformity, a little cooler towards the bottom left but I've only had it up and running for an hour or so.

Only issue I have come across is the OSD application. Updated to FW07 from FW02, (Which I know it's running because sRGB emulation mode is there) however it's showing as FW02 on the OSD app.

Tried a reflash but still showing it. Hopefully when 8 appears it'll sort itself out. I've dropped Gigabyte a message to question this too.