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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #105 on: September 22, 2019, 05:16:42 pm »
Hello, I'm looking for a new budget low-mid end monitor. My budget is about 140 USD. I'm thinking about getting a IPS monitor, i was also considering VA but it seems like there aren't good ones at this price point. These are the specifications im looking for: 24", 60-75Hz refresh rate, 5 ms response time, low input lag, full HD, 250+ nits brightness, flicker free, low blue light, hdmi and/or displayport, i really want it to be easy on the eyes. Freesync could be a nice touch but it isn't necessary. I'm going to be using this monitor for writing, watching videos and shows, gaming, programming and browsing.

I'm currently eyeing the AOC 24V2Q, the only issues i have with it are IPS glow/BLB and that it's actual response time isn't 5ms as advertised, in both reviews you listed (PlayWare's- and PCLab's - they list it as higher than 5ms. The former lists it as 8ms by default and it can get to 6-7ms with the recommended overdrive settings, the latter lists it as 18,4 ms!!! Are the results from the second link correct?

The Acer R241Ybmid also seems like a decent option but i can't find you mentioning it or recommending it.
Thanks in advance!