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« Reply #120 on: September 25, 2019, 10:33:09 am »
Back-light bleed can often be reduced to nearly imperceptible amount by not cranking the display brightness and placing the display at the correct height.  Also it's unrealistic to expect to get a completely back-light bleed free display for under 1000$, though it does happen.

Display Brightness & Room Lighting: The Importance Of Light

Thanks, didin't know that brightness affected black-light bleeding.
Regarding brightness, the AOC 24V2Q had an option to increase the brightness to over the 250 nits it's listed as having, and both Playware's and PC Lab's reviews mentioned that also increased the contrast a bit, to 1400:1 and 1284:1 respectively. I was going to ask if a high contrast would be relevant to my needs but if high brightness increases BLB i guess i don't need higher brightness that much.

PC Lab PL (rise + fall response time for high total) and Playwares are using different testing methods, so only compare measurements by the same reviewer.  Also consider spending more on the Samsung S24E650PL since it is a bit faster and offers top tier SDR (HDTV/REC 709) image quality comparable to vastly more expensive displays (full SDR color space coverage and preset gamma and RGB level accuracy), and is a few ms (14ms vs 18ms)  faster than the AOC, though the AOC supports 75hz.

So if PC Lab is using a different testing method, what response time should i be looking for in their tests with casual gaming in mind? What rise + fall response time will avoid ghosting and is good for casual gaming? Is 18,4 ms good enough on a 75Hz monitor? What about 14ms on a 60Hz?
I saw that PC Lab calculate the required response time by using the frequency - 16,7 ms for the 60Hz Samsung S24E650PL and 13,3ms for the 75Hz AOC 24V2Q. From my understanding the response time should be under these values to avoid ghosting. And AOC's is over it (18,4 ms). Is it a bad idea to use the AOC 24V2Q for gaming or is it good enough?

The Samsung S24E650PL costs quite a bit here for a new one. But i found some deals on second hand ones for even less than the AOC monitor. Should i get a second hand Samsung S24E650PL?

I also noticed some other small differences between the monitors. The Samsung one has an adjustable stand which is really neat. The AOC one has freesync (48-75Hz), it has a little bit more screen space, takes a little less space on the desk and is thinner.
What's SDR?

Thanks for the response!