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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #120 on: September 25, 2019, 04:53:14 pm »
All manufacturer provided response times are fake and usually around 50% faster/lower than the true measured average pixel response time.  Compare the AOC measurements to a few other 60hz AHVA/IPS/PLS panels tested by the same reviewer and see that they're very similar.

Just took your advise and i can confirmed a lot of budget monitors on PC Lab pl are measured as having 17-18 ms. You are right, they're often similar if not the same. 18 ms is stated as being a bit too much for some games, in one translation they specified esports games, don't know about any other (casual) games. 17 ms is the middle option from what i've gathered, and under 16,7 ms on 60 Hz is the most optimal.

I wanted to ask a few more questions:
Can't i fix the high response time on the AOC 24V2Q with the overdrive options? PC Lab doesn't mention overdrive, or if they did i somehow skipped it. Playware suggests using Low/Medium overdrive because higher options can cause overshoot.
Are videos/movies/shows affected by ghosting, inverse ghosting, overshoot and other similar issues?