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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #120 on: October 17, 2019, 03:56:45 pm »
Hello, I'm new to this forum.
I remember NCX's old thread, so I'm glad he decided to continue his monitor reviews even after the site debacle.
I chose my Acer XB241H thanks to him a few years ago. :)

Anyway, my ancient secondary monitor (1050p 60Hz) is breaking (flickers when turning on and it's getting worse) and I'm looking for a new one.
I use it mostly for OBS, or to watch videos while I do other things on the main display.
My GPU is a GTX 1070, btw.

Can you suggest me anything? My budget is around 150-250 $\.

I think the Asus VG248QE had a good review by you and it's currently 200$.
It's a 144Hz and can be adjusted + rotated vertically (I'm short on space).
It doesn't include G-Sync (VG248QG has it at 250), but I don't think it's necessary here.

However, it doesn't show up in the current "Best Reviewed Flicker Free 24-25" 1080p IPS/PLS Monitors".
I checked some of those models, but maybe only AOC I2490PXQU seemed ok for my needs?
I'm curious about IPS, but I'd hate to see glow\bleed on my display..

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