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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #120 on: October 26, 2019, 12:01:36 pm »
The glow\bleed though.. I checked some videos and I quite dislike it.
Dark scenes aren't exactly uncommon in movies.

If you follow my display brightness, height and lighting recommendations glow is not a problem

Also, I imagine it's going to get worse in time.

It does not, and back-light bleed can decrease over time once the monitor is setup and no longer has pressure put on it by the box which can warp the panel slightly and cause or increase bleed.

Do you have any additional recommendations at lower refresh rates?

I recommended the Samsung S24E650P which is one of the best (under 500$) and cheapest monitors around; the rest of my recommendations are in my buying guides and I don't recommended 60hz TN or VA panels. 

Right now I am using a 1600 lumen Feit 3000K "Warm White" A19 blub. The monitor's brightness is set at 22%. I experience some eye strain. I want to get a brighter bulb (maybe 2500 lumen) but I can't find an A19 with a 3000K color temperature.

The color temperature of the bias light doesn't matter, you have the brightness to light ration correct, and I bet you will dislike reducing the display brightness more since it's already set to around 80cdm/2 based on the measurements by PCM and TFTC.

As an alternative I could get a 2500 lumen 5000k bulb

Brighter bias lighting will improve the perceived black depth, but also make it harder to see details in dark scenes, and make the display appear dimmer.  Consider putting silver tape (I use 3$ Silver 3M Scotch Expressions Washi Tape) on the inner black bezel to vastly increase the perceived black without making details in dark content harder to see. 

I've been using this tape for over year and have removed and re-applied it a few times to see if it leaves residue.  Here's my HP 24 Envy with and without silver tape:

Spoiler (hover to show)

Bright grey, silver and white bezels and tape are the best way to improve the perceived black depth, which is something I wish I knew years ago since I would have bought a few rolls of 3$ tape instead of spending money and time on lights and spray painting bezels. 

Ocushield to block the blue light.
Standard gamut (most low and mid range) LCD panels are lit by blue W-LED's which are painted yellow to appear white, and putting a filter (Gunnar glasses or Occushield) over the screen or in front of ones eyes is similar to using sunglasses, so you'll likely need to significantly increase the display brightness which is counter intuitive.  The OccuShield doesn't look like it makes displays look yellow like Gunnar glasses and Low Blue Light settings, but does make displays look a bit dimmer, and the OccuShield won't increase the perceived black depth since the U2417H's black bezel will still be black.  The only way to reduce Low Blue Light intake without reducing the brightness and/or image quality is to not use a W-LED back-lit display.
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