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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #180 on: April 10, 2020, 11:10:23 am »
Could you, please,  share the  "<5 1080p glossy options"

Low Haze/almost glossy HP 25 & 27er, 25 & 27es, HP 25f, and the Qnix UHD32R (order from Korea or Ebay; it looks grainy when viewed slightly off angle, has low contrast and poor, back-light bleed inducing build quality); I tested all of them aside from the 27 versions of the er and es monitors, and they're featured in the photo albums I linked to in my last post.  They're less reflective than the semi-glossy Dells and HP 24 Envy, but still very glossy.

Dell S2419H which uses the same coating as the S2718D and HP 24 Envy (discontinued)

HP 24 Envy Coating Comparison[/url] by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on Flickr

Left: HP 24 Envy (Semi-Glossy)
Center:HP 25er/es (Low Haze / Almost Glossy)
Right:Viewsonic VP2780-4k (Matte)[/center]

More almost-glossy vs semi-glossy vs matte coating comparisons

The forum only supports url shortened Youtube links for some reason.

Both Dell and HP usually sell a few glossy monitors which come out by October at the latest, so maybe consider waiting since all of the above monitors except the 25f are over 2 years old, which is the typical replacement time frame.
Thanks for the detailed answer.

Is a shame no more PDC are made as these glossy or semi-glossy seem too reflective for a well lit room like mine (maybe PDC are unusable here too, but we'll never know it seems :D ).

Just out of curiosity, do OLED TVs use PDC? They look glossy but not like mirrors. (i wonder how a TN could look on a PDC :D ).

Guess i'll have to wait for the October release or just search any other monitor with the less ugly coating i can find :D .

Thank you for the answers ;) .