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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #180 on: April 20, 2020, 08:03:54 pm »
Thank you, thought it could  be something in-between because these "from side" reflections.

All 144-280hz AUO AHVA (advertised as IPS), Innolux IPS and LG IPS monitors are matte and use a nearly identical coating aside from the upcoming Eve monitors which are supposed to be 20% haze versus the rest which are 25%.

Wish there were more info about matte monitors apart of "light coating" or "grainy" to easily check the kind you want :D

These descriptions are accurate since only light and grainy matte coated AHVA/IPS/PLS monitors are made right now, and only a few high-end oriented Eizo and HP monitors come with a grainy matte coating now. 

is it me or monitors good for games usually have blurry text? (a lot of comments about this when looking for user opinions)

27" 1080p a 24-25" or higher resolution 27" monitor if 27" 1080p text isn't sharp enough.  I find 27" 1080p tolerable if viewed from 75cm/2.5ft away, but only for gaming and watching content since I've been using 2x 27" 1440p monitors since 2012.

there is a real problem with these high refresh +200 monitor when used with 60hz games? I highly doubt i can maintain +100 fps for many or any years... Why so difficult? :D

They're made for 200fps+ gaming...The high input lag is in-excuse-able, but only applies to 60hz or if Free-Sync is enabled and the frame-rate drops significantly under 100fps.
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