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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #180 on: April 25, 2020, 01:24:20 pm »
From comments, even 24" 1080p text is blurry on "gaming" monitors (or "new" as many claim older monitors are sharper, i wonder why), and not 100% sure but some of the "144hz IPS 1440p gaming" monitors, does not seem to have sharp text either (as i said not sure and maybe i'm mixing comments :D ).

Aperture Grill/Ashun, IBXT, PC Monitors, PRAD and Rtings all include photos of text and/or resolution scaling comparisons.  Modern 1080p AHVA/IPS/PLS text is as sharp as 1080p text can be, and sharper than VA panel text.  It's important to find out which monitors people are comparing the "less-sharp" gaming monitors to and if they have Windows Clear Type on or Off.  Most older monitors (especially TN and CCFL back-lit monitors) use a coating similar to that of the Acer KG271.

1440p Acer KG271 TN vs Asus VG279QM vs 1440p Asus VG27AQ vs 1440p ViewSonic XG270G

i will most likely play under 100fps on games (maybe even under 60fps, 30-50,

240hz+ monitors are a waste of money if not able to achieve 200fps+, especially if after sharper text.