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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #180 on: April 25, 2020, 02:48:12 pm »
...It's important to find out which monitors people are comparing the "less-sharp" gaming monitors to and if they have Windows Clear Type on or Off.
True, maybe that can be the reason but find weird how common is in the comments.
Most older monitors (especially TN and CCFL back-lit monitors) use a coating similar to that of the Acer KG271.
I look at these text samples but as KG271 says "
it doesn't truly show just how terrible this coating really is" so hard to tell from these :D. Also, despite of ligh or grainy seems not all uses the exact same.

240hz+ monitors are a waste of money if not able to achieve 200fps+, especially if after sharper text.
I've been told (asking on blur busters forums) that using a 240Hz monitor set at 240Hz on Windows if you play at 60fps it will look the same than on a 60Hz monitor, and with VRR it will have several advantages like less lag. Not sure if worth it futureproof, and for games that can have higher fps.

Also, sharp text is important but i want the best of both worlds; yeah, pretty hard xD.


EDIT: I've been looking for the XL2411P as seems to be popular and has strobing at 60hz, but lacks fron VRR. As i said, too hard to choose :D.

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