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Re: Advice please
« Reply #195 on: May 02, 2020, 12:13:40 pm »
I've been told (asking on blur busters forums) that using a 240Hz monitor set at 240Hz on Windows if you play at 60fps it will look the same than on a 60Hz monitor, and with VRR it will have several advantages like less lag. Not sure if worth it futureproof, and for games that can have higher fps.

Buying a  240hz + monitor for 60fps is a waste of money and TN panel text is arguably less sharp since the matte coating most use is granier than AHVA/IPS/PLS

Quote from: rasmas
the XL2411P as seems to be popular and has strobing at 60hz, but lacks fron VRR.

The XL2411P has below average image quality even by TN panel standards, below average overdrive (choose between overshoot or slow pixel response times by TN panel standards) and I don't know if it suffers from dark scene banding. 60hz strobing also does not work well unless the frame rate stays locked at 60 so you'll need to use a frame-rate limiter or lag inducing V-Sync.

I plan to use it mainly for casual PS4 pro gaming usage, and am close to deciding on the MSI MAG321CURV. I'm aware of some of its flaws either to do with VA or specifically with the monitor, and have used the CQR version as a reference point as well

Still, I like its value for the price offers right now, and wanted to start off with a 32'' 4k VA, as I'm a fan of higher contrast/blacks, and also coming from using the last 50'' Plasma Samsung TV from 2012/13. (Switching to my room now so would prefer a monitor. Mostly medium-lit to dark-ish lighting)

Thank you for the kind comments.  The MSI has a fake-bezel/frame-less casing with a perceived black depth decreasing black bezel which partially negates the point of having a VA panel, especially when also dealing with the slower pixel response times and less sharp text vs AHVA/IPS/PLS, and warped curved image.  3$ silver tape can be put on the inner bezel, but the MSI, but there are better 32" 4K VA panels, though no monitor come close to the Samsung plasmas.  I highly recommend saving up for the BenQ PD3200U.  The PD3200U competes with VA panels perceived black depth wise since the PD has a perceived black depth increasing matte grey bezel and low glow AHVA panel.

I use this silver Scotch tape on a few fake border or frame-less monitors I own such as the HP 24 Envy (HP 24 Envy with and without tape and HP 25er without and without tape) and 25er.  I've removed and re-taped a few monitors after a few months and not had issues with residue, however I must warn that adding tape to a monitor may void the warranty.

If you really want a VA panel the BenQ EW3270U (review links) and LG 32UD59 review links both have better image quality than the MSI, proper bezels/cases and should be competitively priced against it.  The BenQ requires some research and set-up to use properly since it has a native DCI-P3 (wide gamut) panel, passable HDR and a good SDR mode.

Asus VA24EHE 23.8

Any thoughts on this and how it compares against the HP 25er I have now?

My 25er has an almost glossy coating as you know, that I like.

Mainly interested in the Asus because it claims to be "eye care" and I'm wondering if it is easy on the eyes.

Eye-Care is PWM/Flicker Free/Safe back-lighting which the HP also has.  The VA is likely very similar and a replacement for the VZ249H, but there are no reviews.  If the HP is under warranty contact HP and ask for a replacement.  They may replace or repair it for free or a small charge if not under warranty.

Amazon as late is having difficulty keeping monitors in stock, and even when they had the HPs in, they only had a few of each model. How much longer are we expecting these COVID issues to plague us?

That's up to members of the Bilderberg and Council on Foreign Relations and top political party donors.

110 or 220 pixels per inch.
Also because Mac I'd like Thunderbolt port capability.
I have been looking at 27" or 34" ultra-wides but am not set on that form factor. 
Typically look for high refresh rate - though again - gaming is only occasional - and we are talking a Mac.
Budget is roughly $1000.

I don't cover ultra-wide monitors, 110 to 220 ppi is too vague, you're going to have to pay a big premium for Thunderbolt/USB-C and none of the non-ultra-wide + high resolution + refresh rate 4K monitors have it.  Either you need to scrap the high refresh rate or look at ultra-wide monitors if you want both features.  The 4K 98hz (full 10 bit + 4:4:4 color) Acer XV273K (review links) sells for under 1000$ (assuming US Dollar) but only has DP and HDMI.
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