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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #195 on: May 03, 2020, 01:12:50 am »
Regarding the eye care feature of blue light filtration, is there any benefit to this vs using a software "night light" blue light filter?

Also, I used the previous version of that Asus monitor, but I returned it for a full refund because it had a dead pixel in the middle and had pretty bad backlight bleed.

My 25er has almost no backlight bleed or IPS glow. Do you know what panel the 25er uses? It's impressive in my opinion.

That said, the Asus Eye Care I used was pretty comfortable on the eyes, and the matte didn't bother me. It had a soft paper-like sensation about it that I kind of liked.

My biggest concern regarding a screen is how easy it is on the eyes.
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