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Re: Advice please
« Reply #195 on: May 03, 2020, 02:56:39 pm »
Buying a  240hz + monitor for 60fps is a waste of money and TN panel text is arguably less sharp since the matte coating most use is granier than AHVA/IPS/PLS

Well, i hope to reach at least to +100fps (once i get a new PC with a 1660 Super), but maybe on newer ones or new-console-ports ones i cannot discard the fact of playing at lower fps (and more considering that i tend to not upgrade PCs on a lot of time). Maybe something like the AOC 24G2U is good enough, but if buying something more expensive gives you some king of improvement-advantage, maybe it can be considered an investment.

Actually i'd love to find a monitor that causes me no eye strain and i can use comfortably for hours; by finding one of these i think all other features can be less important.

But how do you find that? I've been told that the HP x27i (no reviews or videos) gives (him) no eye strain compared to many other IPS 1440p monitors, why? no idea xD . Maybe the coating, the brightness, the colours, the blur (and seems it can be any of these for different person xD ).

Guess the only way is try them :D .

Thank you for your help ;) .