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Re: Advice please
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NCX: Thank you for the kind comments.  The MSI has a fake-bezel/frame-less casing with a perceived black depth decreasing black bezel which partially negates the point of having a VA panel, especially when also dealing with the slower pixel response times and less sharp text vs AHVA/IPS/PLS, and warped curved image.  3$ silver tape can be put on the inner bezel, but the MSI, but there are better 32" 4K VA panels, though no monitor come close to the Samsung plasmas.  I highly recommend saving up for the BenQ PD3200U.  The PD3200U competes with VA panels perceived black depth wise since the PD has a perceived black depth increasing matte grey bezel and low glow AHVA panel.

I use this silver Scotch tape on a few fake border or frame-less monitors I own such as the HP 24 Envy (HP 24 Envy with and without tape and HP 25er without and without tape) and 25er.  I've removed and re-taped a few monitors after a few months and not had issues with residue, however I must warn that adding tape to a monitor may void the warranty.

If you really want a VA panel the BenQ EW3270U (review links) and LG 32UD59 review links both have better image quality than the MSI, proper bezels/cases and should be competitively priced against it.  The BenQ requires some research and set-up to use properly since it has a native DCI-P3 (wide gamut) panel, passable HDR and a good SDR mode.

Thank you NCX for that breakdown and information, it was very helpful indeed, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I had already decided on the MSI MAG321CURV by the time you sent this. I don't think I would have found a better deal than the one I got, and needed it rather soon with shipping/delivery in mind.

Having said that, I checked out the reviews on the monitors you mentioned, and I completely see where you're coming from regarding many factors such as colour gamut and bezels. Despite the specs of those VAs, coming from much larger and older TVs at 1080p, and being my first monitor, I don't think I'll see the differences that seasoned experts or long-time monitor consumers will see.

I've also never used an IPS, so on that front, although I will enjoy this first monitor I got that's VA and will probably love the colours and all being it's my first so I don't have the bias to compare, I do think I will likely switch to an IPS for my next monitor in a couple years just to see the difference. This is assuming VA doesn't improve much over its IPS counterpart. Clearly the facts and tests says it all, as you've shown.

In a way, I may have subconsciously opted for VA knowing full well that as a first monitor it may be my only chance to appreciate it before experiencing IPS. Of course, I care a lot about contrast/blacks, especially coming from the last good old plasma tv that finally bit the dust. But I switched to a basic Sony Bravia 42in 1080p after that one for the last two years. My purchase at the end of the day really came down to the value for the price point that I found with the MSI MAG321CURV while ticking my specs boxes such as curved (although I see you make a valid point on curves), USB ports, price, size and resolution.

Being my first monitor I wasn't going to discern differences like most others and would fully appreciate what I'm getting in colours, vibrancy, and all as I have no subjective or factual comparisons to go by. But based on what I've read and seen such as your amazingly accurate tests and reviews, I will most likely be more subjective in my next purchase, and it may most likely be IPS.

For now, I'm just going to enjoy my first monitor which happens to be VA. I've grown very intrigued by this subject though, thanks in large part to your reviews, feedbacks, findings, and general content. It'll be exciting to see the developments for the next gen VAs IPSs and TNs.

Thanks again for your help, feedback and support.
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