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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #210 on: May 20, 2020, 08:01:15 pm »
I have my eyes on the Aoc C27G1 and the Samsung C27FG73. They apparently have a static contrast of ~3000:1, and besides that get they get great reviews in a lot of places, including this site.
But the thing is, I donīt really care about the 144hz these monitors offer. So if there are any HD monitors with similar or better quality/contrast/colours you know of, [perhaps even cheaper than the ones mentioned as of the missing refresh rate,] please let me know. Size also wouldīt be a problem, my previous one was 23".

The Samsung has vastly superior perceived contrast versus the AOC since the Samsung has a matte grey bezel versus the AOC's inner black bezel.  The smaller Samsung C24FG73 is equally as good as the 27".  The older, tested, 60hz + 1080p and non-curved 24" VA panels were significantly worse than the 27" models and I don't know of any newer tested 24-27" 60hz VA panels which are good.  Also, the newer 144hz Samsung panels also have fake bezel/frame-less bezels like the AOC monitors, so I'd definitely try out a C24FG73 before it gets replaced.

Really weird (or stupid xD ) idea-question: to achieve a "glossy" coating over a matte monitor, would something like the "Displex Scratch Remover" do anything good?

Someone made an Acer XB271HU glossy accidentally with scratch remover, but I have not seen this process repeated; there's no surefire way to make the fake bezel/frame-less panels glossy, and often those who try the distilled water + paper towel method end up removing the polarizer and ruining their display. 

I wouldn't expect HP to help me given that I bought this in early 2017.

No harm trying.
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