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Re: General Discussion
« on: August 06, 2018, 11:59:44 pm »
Quote from: MagicalChicken
Might as well be the first here! Forgot to mention it previously, was wondering if your XG2402's contrast setting and green/blue RGB channel settings behave oddly too. For example, contrast at 70 and green at 100 causes a lot of the lower squares in the white saturation test to be completely invisible. The blue channel causes a very odd and strong blue tint to certain shades of off angle whites/light grays (Most notably the URL bar of Chrome being very blue tinted at the very edges/off angle, but the surrounding shades still yellowish) The red channel seems to be fine though.

I encountered similar weird contrast issues as well.  The Custom Mode 1 had severe bleaching with 70 contrast and a default of 70 before I reset the monitor twice, then it defaulted back to 70 and was fine. 

Quote from: MagicalChicken
Decided to also stick with black stabilizer 9 for now:

Take advantage of the colorimeter and use dispcalgui or the X-Rite software to calibrate the monitor to 2.2 gamma since doing so will improve the monitor significantly versus the skewed gamma curve.  An sRGB curve will look washed out versus your current settings, and especially compared to the HP 24 Envy.