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« on: August 07, 2018, 12:20:29 am »
Take advantage of the colorimeter and use dispcalgui or the X-Rite software to calibrate the monitor to 2.2 gamma since doing so will improve the monitor significantly versus the skewed gamma curve.  An sRGB curve will look washed out versus your current settings, and especially compared to the HP 24 Envy.

Will do, however what put me off from doing that (At least with X-Rite's software) was the horrible results it gave me when trying that, despite using the best settings that I could and leaving it there for a while to do its thing. Hopefully dispcalgui will do better (Though I was using the 2.6 gamma setting at the time, which probably didn't help, looking at the readings for the 2.6-2.8 gamma settings)

I did install dispcalgui, so I'll give that a go.

I encountered similar weird contrast issues as well.  The Custom Mode 1 had severe bleaching with 70 contrast and a default of 70 before I reset the monitor twice, then it defaulted back to 70 and was fine.

Many resets, still hasn't changed anything for me. Not a huge issue as it was fixed when lowering green to 96-97, and blue down to 95-96 (Though the issue weirdly isn't on the default "native" color tempurature, and is only on full color control)

Edit, here are my results (Medium calibration speed, will do slow when I actually have time to do that, not bad though for medium) (Color/grayscale accuracy) (Contrast/whitepoint/luminance) (Color coverage) (Gamma curve)

Though it seemed to have wanted to calibrate it to an sRGB gamma curve (Had it set to "Gamma 2.2", unless that this is the exact same as the sRGB setting?) I might be blind and missing an obvious setting, let me know if I am. Not a big issue, still looks a decent amount better, especially in the lighter shades, and generally a bit less flat.

I assume making the calibration speed slower would help the grayscale banding a slight bit? I know that there will be some either way, just wondering if it will help. It's not horrible at least, and I can live with the amount currently, though I feel that there could be a bit less. It also seemed to have added some slight color casts into the grayscale.
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