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Re: General Discussion
« on: August 09, 2018, 01:06:07 am »
Quote from: MagicalChicken
Let me know if I am.

Try these settings.  It takes around 90 minutes, but is the most consistent.  Since I started using dispcalgui in 2014 the accuracy reliability seems to get worse; often it takes 2-3 tries to achieve good results, even from monitors which are very accurate from menu adjustments.  I used to use basICColor 5, but it does not work with my Spectracal C6 (upgraded HDR capable i1 dp; calibration program I need for it is 400$ US) which I traded my 6 year old i1 display pro in for last fall to get it for half price.  Try the basICColor 14 day free trial.  It's faster and more reliable.  Use Color Sustainer to ensure games use ICC profiles.

HCFR Links are to the actual files since I haven't created screen shot compilations yet.

XG2402 dispcal & HCFR calibration verification

HP 24 Envy HCFR Verification

X-Star DP2710 Verification

Also, as expected, the XG2402 does suffer from contrast and gamma loss in the bottom quarter of the panel identical to that of the Acer XF240H I tested.  The Acer is significantly more accurate out of the box, the overdrive is more balanced, and it has a better perceived black depth increasing grey bezel.  Sad to see that the XF240H (@60hz) is also more accurate out of the box than the XB321HK I tested.

XG2402 144hz Default HCFR and XG2402 Improve: User Color + Text View Mode

Acer XF240H 144hz Default HCFR and XF240H Improve: Gamma 2.4 + User Color + Black Level 4

The 144hz gamma offered by the Acer is definitely worse, but it's more linear and can be easily improved.  Photos of the Acer and Viewsonic at 60hz and 144hz, 144hz with menu calibration, and 144hz with the ICC profile (XG2402 only).

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