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Re: General Discussion
« on: August 09, 2018, 04:37:04 am »
I would be careful with the buttons on this thing, my right arrow snapped off  :( (I'm pretty careful with them too)

Yeah, I'll have to try the long settings soon. Should I trust the estimated 4-5 hours for the calibration and 7-8 hours for the test charts?  :P

Edit: Forgot to say, I did partially try your settings (Just with medium speed and 562 patches instead), yet I still didn't get linear 2.2 gamma (Unless I'm mistaken and that those settings weren't for linear 2.2?)

On another note, I'm curious as to why you chose the text view mode? I tried it, it appears to be visually identical to CUSTOM1 on my unit, and testing it in HCFR seems to confirm it, just ever so slightly worse delta E's on the text mode. Haven't tested standard yet, but by eye it seems the same too.
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