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Re: General Discussion
« on: August 22, 2018, 09:41:19 pm »
added some slight color casts in the grayscale, is that just unavoidable?

I didn't notice that there was a question in your last replay until now, and I've been sinking my free time into the Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes armor grind.

It's normal for cheap monitors to have a color dominance and a bit of banding when viewing gradients and white, both before and after calibration, especially if major corrections are made in both the menu and by the ICC profile.  Major corrections usually are not handled well by both 6 and 8 bit +FRC panels of any type, especially panels without a 12-16 bit 3D LUT, assuming it works properly. 

My colorimeter (Spectracal C6) does not work with basICColor, but I did calibrate monitors with both discapcal and basICColor a few years ago and found dispcal to be superior when it worked properly (rare), but only if a very long calibration option was used.

Dark grey had a minor blue tinge since 10% white of my XG2420 was 122% with the ICC profile active while red was 92.6%.  The XF240H 90% grey was 109% after calibration and a bit better overall, especially in regards to grey and white purity since it was far more accurate out of the box.

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