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« on: August 23, 2018, 03:23:11 am »
I didn't notice that there was a question in your last replay until now, and I've been sinking my free time into the Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes armor grind.

Understandable, only just got back into it after a long break, seems like I missed a decent amount of stuff.

It's normal for cheap monitors to have a color dominance and a bit of banding when viewing gradients and white, both before and after calibration, especially if major corrections are made in both the menu and by the ICC profile.  Major corrections usually are not handled well by both 6 and 8 bit +FRC panels of any type, especially panels without a 12-16 bit 3D LUT, assuming it works properly.

Oddly enough, without any calibrations/ICC profiles, I have a perfect grayscale as far as I can see. No signs of banding or random color casts. Maybe I got lucky.

Unrelated, just saw this: (Just putting here on the off chance you haven't seen it yet)

I wonder how they'll mess these up, I'm guessing no gamma options again, as they seem to like doing that. Interesting nonetheless though, considering they're doing a 1080p 144hz. I wonder if they'll give the 1080p one the light matte coating of their S2417DG/S2716DG, though likely not.
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