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« Reply #30 on: June 24, 2019, 09:02:28 pm »
So I did some new measurements with the i1 Display Pro, here's the PG279QZ with only brightness lowered: (Mostly the same image, just showing the grayscale and contrast above instead)

Here's about as good as I can get with menu adjustments: (The small RGB adjustments I did seem to hit the measured contrast by about 100 on average) (R99, G95, B100) (Same as above, just showing grayscale and contrast instead of primaries/secondaries)

New readings for my XG2402: (Menu adjusted) (Had to make different adjustments compared to last time, the i1Pro 2 really was sensitive to TN panels)

The XG2402 measurements aren't too far from recent readings I got from the older i1Pro 2 the other day, though the i1 Display Pro seems to be consistent with these new readings at least, especially contrast. Not sure what leveled out my XG2402's gamma curve a bit, just went like that after a couple more RGB adjustments (The i1 wasn't moved in that time) (Used to consistently hit like 2.6-2.7 at the higher end, with a single spike to 2.8 )

Back to the PG279QZ, max brightness for me was recorded at 401.579, much higher than Rtings unit. Not sure how FPS mode was more accurate for them, on my unit it adds a weird saturation increase on some colors that doesn't seem to get measured? (Saturation was at default 50 still) Confused me a bit. Sticking with "Racing Mode" just to be sure, seemed identical in accuracy anyway, just without that weird saturation increase to some colors.

Backlight uniformity seems good, just some minor IPS glow, and some slight slivers of backlight bleed at the left and right edges.

Honestly, the only thing that makes me raise my eyebrows a bit, was the 100 measured contrast ratio decrease after minor RGB adjustments, though it doesn't seem to noticeably hurt the image in any way, so I'm going to assume it's perfectly fine. Seems like I just didn't win the over 1200:1 contrast lottery is all (Edit, on second thought, it seems to be working exactly as tftcentral's PG279Q, so I guess this is normal. Ignore me)

I've been seeing rumors that the Z version is "edgelit" instead of "backlit", but I honestly have no idea where those came from. If I'm not wrong, aren't they both edge-lit considering the panel used?

Oh, and in my XG2402 adjustments, a third button snapped off. Great and sturdy buttons you got there Viewsonic.
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