Author Topic: Clarity and Vibrancy: The Last Of The Plasma Deposition Coated 2560x1440 IPS  (Read 1102 times)


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Plasma Deposition Coating
« on: June 18, 2019, 07:52:36 pm »
Plasma Deposition Coating
Matte versus PDC versus Glossy

BenQ BL2710PT vs Crossover 2755AMG vs Qnix QX2710 by Dr NCX, on Flickr

sdadad by Dr NCX, on Flickr

Plasma Deposition coating is an anti-glare treated edge-to-edge glass fused to glossy IPS panels, and is the clearest, most vibrant and least reflective glossy coating. However, PDC is not flaw-less since the glass can be chipped and broken, and because PDC coated monitors have a glass covered black bezels which vastly reduces the perceived black depth.  The perceived black depth can be increased with bias lighting (light placed behind the display) or by placing non-stick silver tape tape on the black bezel.

Two years ago I bought a Planar PXL2790MW with a broken panel and put a spare PDC coated panel from a Korean monitor (Crossover 27QW HDMI) in, and used grey duct tape to hold it together, and vastly improve the perceived black depth.  Planar PXL2790MW photo gallery.

The panel I put in the Planar was not as accurate, so I was only able to achieve either 2.1 average gamma (resulting in slightly washed out color and shades) with the 2.2 menu setting or 2.3 average gamma (resulting in slightly too dark color and shades) with the 2.4 Gamma menu setting versus the nearly perfectly linear 2.2 gamma of the Nixeus and original Planar.

Compare the plasma deposition coated panel in the Planar to many others all brightness matched and menu calibrated with a colorimeter in my The Order 1886 Comparison Gallery. Here are examples of each time of coating:

Glossy SubGear AD27

SubGear AD27 by Dr NCX, on Flickr

Low Haze/Almost Glossy Qnix UHD32R

Qnix UHD32R The Order 1886 Statue by Dr NCX, on Flickr

Matte ViewSonic VP2780-4K

Viewsonic VP2780-4K TO LON 10s by Dr NCX, on Flickr

Plasma Deposition Coated Planar

Planar PXL2790MW The Order 1886 2.1 Gamma by Dr NCX, on Flickr

Semi-Glossy HP 24Envy

HP 24 Envy The Order 1886 Statue by Dr NCX, on Flickr

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