Author Topic: Display Brightness & Room Lighting: The Importance Of Light  (Read 1852 times)


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Light Comparisons & What I Use:

When I originally made this articled I used a Philips 2600 Lumen Daylight/6500k Light as my ceiling light and 5x LIFX BR30 lights as bias lights behind my triple monitor set-up which consists of the glossy HP 24 Envy, matte Viewsonic VP2780-4K and matte Qnix QX2710. I replaced the 4000 lumen Feit light with the LIFX lights since their color can be changed, and because equivalents with the features I wanted were not reasonably priced or available where I live at the time of purchase. Note that only certain color temperature setting outputs the maximum brightness or lumens listed in the specifications of color changing lights.

I use bias lighting for media since I like to avoid seeing glare or reflections, and because one of my monitors, the HP 24 Envy, uses a glossy coating which looks washed out when my 2500 lumen ceiling light shines on it in the left photo versus 3x 6500 bias lights on the right:

In the below comparison the matte Viewsonic XG2703-GS (2560x1440 AUO AHVA panel marketed as IPS) in the photo on the left has my 2500 lumen 6500 ceiling light shining on it while the right photo is of it with 3x 6500k bias lights behind it:

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