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Curved VA panels have slightly less sharp text than non-curved panels.

Samsung C27HG70

Measurements and Review by Belgium Hardware
Review by PC Mag
Review by PC Monitors
Review by Rtings
Review by Trusted Reviews

Curved matte 2560x1440 144hz (48-144hz AMD Free-Sync range; limited to 100hz over HDMI) VA panel with a height adjustable stand, Displayport, 2x HDMI 2.0 and 3.5mm Audio In & Out, and 2x USB 3.0.  The Samsung uses a very accurate semi-wide gamut S-VA panel also offers decent HDR color space coverage (95% DCI-P3), and it comes with a fully adjustable stand and perceived black depth increasing dark matte grey bezel.  Setting the Response Time to Faster and Fastest actives back-light strobing or blur reductio which reduces motion blur, but may cause some people to suffer from health issues like headaches and/or eyestrain.  It has slower pixel response times than the 1080p C2xFG73 monitors, but they suffer from green and purple overshoot ghosting.

Samsung C32HG70

Review by Sweclockers
Review by TFT Central

Curved matte 2560x1440 144hz VA panel with AMD Free-Sync, back-light strobing and a perceived black depth increasing matte grey bezel.  It uses LED PWM Dimming or Flicker when the brightness is set below 70/100 which TFT Central measured to be a very bright 250cdm/2. Back-light strobing is activated when the Response Time setting is switched from Standard to Faster, and Fastest.  The Samsung is fairly accurate, but Sweclockers unit came with high preset gamma which averages around 2.36 which causes black crush or loss of detail in dark scenes.  Changing the gamma to mode 2 brings the gamma closer to averaging around 2.2 and increases the accuracy, as well as reduces black crush.

Samsung C27JG50QQI

Review by Dmitry Vasiliev

The Samsung uses a curved standard gamut VA panel without Free-Sync in a fake border/frame-less casing which has a perceived black depth reducing inner black bezel versus the older C27HG70's perceived black depth increasing dark matte grey bezel.  The C27JG50QQI is fairly accurate, but can't fully cover the SDR color spaces (HDTV/REC 709 & sRGB) which prevents it from displaying colors as accurately and vibrantly as the C27GH70's sRGB emulation mode.

Samsung S27R750QEI

Review by =DEAD= (low 1.95 preset gamma)
Rtings (25ms delay @60hz)

Non-curved and non-semi-wide gamut matte 144hz 2560x1440 Samsung VA panel with HDMI, mini-Displayport and USB 2.0.  The unit =DEAD= tested is fairly accurate aside from the low preset gamma which can be improved by selected Gamma Mode 2.  It suffers from dark scene banding, but it is not nearly as bad as the Dell S2417DG, S2716DG and ViewSonic XG2402.  It has high input lag at 60hz (25ms; Rtings measurement) for a monitor.
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