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Best 21.5-23" 1080p IPS/PLS Monitors
« on: July 31, 2017, 07:17:06 pm »
Last Update=October 30th 2018

All New Reviews Added Here

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These are all pretty similar, but the HP Envy 23" is the best glossy option while the Eizo EV2336 is the only semi-glossy/grain-free matte coated option, and best monitor over all since it offers the most accurate and vibrant colours (96% sRGB colour space cover vs 87-92% for the AH-IPS & AD-PLS panels aside from the HP 27CW, 25XW and 27XW).

Acer H226HQL: Glossy.  Extrahardware CZ Review

Acer S236HLtmjj: Glossy.  Review by =DEAD=.  It suffers from obvious overshoot ghosting.

Asus VX239H: Matte.  Review by =DEAD=

Dell P2314H: Matte.  Review by =DEAD= Review

Eizo EV2336:  Matte.  PRAD's Review[H]ard Forum Owners Thread

HP Envy 23: Glossy.  Review by =DEAD=

HP 23CW: Matte.  There are no reviews, but it is PWM/Flicker free (I tested one in a store).

HP 22w:  Matte 1080p IPS with fairly accurate color presets (sRGB color space coverage amount not listed), average contrast (800:1), a fake frame-less casing with a perceived black depth reducing inner black bezel, HDMI and VGA.

Review by Les Numeriques

Lenovo T2224dA: Matte. 
Review by Prohardver

Matte 1080p IPS with a perceived black depth increasing matte grey bezel, Displayport, VGA, a 22ms delay, accurate sRGB preset mode which is limited to 86.3% sRGB color space coverage which is below average result for budget IPS/PLS panels, but normal for 21.5-23" panels.

LG 23MP67: Review by Daywalker.

LG 23MP68VQ: Matte.  The LG has low sRGB color space coverage (89%, on par with IPS/PLS made before 2015; inferior to most reviewed newer 1080p IPS/PLS in terms of color accuracy and vibrancy), but is otherwise an excellent monitor.  Review by Trusted Reviews.

All of the new LG AH-IPS panels are PWM or Flicker free and usually have good colour presets too.

The Dell P series monitors have a matte black bezel which increases the perceived black depth compared to the frame-less monitors inner black bezel.
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