Author Topic: Best 1920x1200p IPS/PLS Monitors  (Read 3935 times)


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Re: Best 24" 1200p IPS/PLS Monitors
« on: June 22, 2018, 12:08:36 am »
Best Monitors

The Asus BE24AQLBH and VG248QV (75hz) are the best choice for PC-only use while the Eizo CG246 and CX241 are the best all-around monitors since they are glow free, can be hardware calibrated and can scale 16:9 sources properly when connected to external devices like consoles and cable boxes.  The Eizo EV2457-BK is also pretty accurate and can scale 16:9 sources correctly, but it quite expensive. BenQ BL2581T is very accurate, has high contrast (1200:1), balanced overdrive (AMA High setting) without overshoot, but has a high 26ms signal delay or input lag, and can not scale 16:9 signals properly if not sent from a PC.

The NEC PA243W is also excellent, but like the Eizo monitors it also uses a wide gamut panel meant for professional use such has calibrating it and using it for work which requires accurate color with programs which support color management.  The iiyama XUB2495WSU and S24H650GDU are also very accurate, and all of these along with the HP Z24N G2 are better than the Dell U2415H since the Dell is less accurate as well as suffers from more overshoot ghosting.

The HP Z24n G2 (70hz) and iiyama XUB2395WSU (48-75hz both support) which makes them the best for PC gaming, however, both are less accurate than the Asus BE24AQLBH, especially the XUB2395W which can only cover 90% of the sRGB color space which is a worse result than most affordable/budget 1080p monitors, many of which also support AMD Free-Sync and 75hz now. 
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