Author Topic: Best 24-25" 1080p IPS/PLS Monitors  (Read 22452 times)


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Re: Best 24-25" 1080p IPS/PLS Monitors
« on: June 14, 2018, 10:55:00 pm »

Asus VZ249H

Review by Playwares

Set the overdrive (Trace Free) setting to 20 to prevent obvious overshoot ghosting caused by the default setting (Trace Free 60).

Asus VG259Q

Review by PC Lab PL

Fully adjust-able matte 1920x1080 144hz IPS panel with AMD Free-Sync (48-144hz), Displayport, 2x HDMI 2.0, 3.5mm Audio In & Out.  The VG259Q has a 1437:1 contrast (30% higher than most AHVA/IPS/PLS) fully cover, as well as slightly over-saturates colors of the HDTV/REC 709 and sRGB (SDR) color spaces, and has accurate color presets overall (default=Game Visual MOBA; accurate preset RGB level measurements by PC Lab PL).  As expected, the Asus has very fast pixel response times with minimal overshoot, even when using the default overdrive (Trace Free 60) setting, and has negligible input lag (9.2ms measured with an oscilloscope by PC Lab PL); more overdrive information required to provide more detailed comparison versus competitors.
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