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Best 25" 1440p AHVA/IPS/PLS Monitors

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Acer H257HU
Review by Daywalker

Acer G257HU
Added Review by Rtings

Review by Hardware.Info
Review by IT Hardware PL
Review by PC Monitors


Asus PB258Q
Review by Alexander Gryzhin (=DEAD=)

BenQ PD2500Q
Review by Alexander Gryzhin (=DEAD=)
Review by Playwares

Dell U2515H
Review by Extrahardware CZ
Review by Hardware Info
Review by PRAD
Review by Sweclockers
Review by TFT Central

Dell U2516D
Review by Alexander Gryzhin (=DEAD=)
Review by Hardware Info

The Dell UP2516D is a wide gamut monitor made for those who use color managed programs to work with the Adobe RGB color space. It should not be purchased for gaming.

Dell U2518D
Review by Alexander Gryzhin (=DEAD=)
Review by PC Monitors
Review by Rtings

Matte 2560x1440, 8 bit LG AH-IPS panel with Displayport, Displayport Out (for MST daisy chaining), HDMI 2.0, Mini-Displayport, 3.5mm Audio Out and 4x USB 3.0.  The U2518D suffers from screen tearing when connected to the PS4.  Here's video proof and a post about the issue in the Dell forums.

Dell U2520D
Review by Rtings

Fully adjust-able, matte, 2560x1440 IPS panel with Displayport, HDMI 2.0, 2x USB-C, 3x USB 3.0 and 3.5mm Audio Out.  The U2520D has 1000:1 contrast, accurate colors aside from marginally too high preset gamma, full (99.6% measured) sRGB color space coverage, negligible input lag and good 60hz pixel response times aside from a bit of overshoot.

The older U2518D is more accurate, suffers from less gradient banding and less overshoot ghosting, but has slower over-all pixel response times.


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