Author Topic: Best 25" 1440p AHVA/IPS/PLS Monitors  (Read 4607 times)


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Re: Best 25" 2560x1440p Monitors: AHVA/IPS/PLS
« on: May 19, 2018, 10:43:15 pm »
Best Monitors

The BenQ PD2500Q, Dell U2515H, Dell U2518D, Dell U2520D and Philips 258B6QUEB are the best, and are all very similar, but Dell offers the best warranty service.  All have height adjustable stands, USB ports, very accurate color presets, fast (for a 60hz display) pixel response times and negligible input lag.  Choosing the best option out of these mainly comes down to availability, aesthetic or design preference and considering the fact that the U2518D suffers from screen tearing when connected to the PS4.  Here's video proof and a post about the issue in the Dell forums.

The U2518D is more accurate, suffers from less gradient banding and less overshoot ghosting, but has slower over-all pixel response times than the U2520D.
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