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Best Glossy & Matte Monitors
« on: June 22, 2018, 07:54:58 pm »
Best Glossy Monitors

The Dell S2718H (supports Free-Sync), HP 27XW (overclock-able) and 27er/es (non-overclock-able but have slightly better image quality than the XW) are the best glossy-type monitors.  The Dell uses a semi-glossy coating which looks washed out under bright lighting, and none of the glossy monitors are as accurate as the best matte monitors.  The untested 2018 HP 27F uses a matte coating while the 25F uses the same almost-glossy coating as the 25-27CW/er/es/XW monitors, supports AMD Free-Sync and 75hz.

Best Matte Monitors

The following are the best matte monitors listed in alphabetical order:

The Acer B277bmiprzx (AMD Free-Sync, 75hz; set gamma to 2.4), 
Acer RG270 (48-75hz AMD Free-Sync)
Acer VG271 (144hz AMD Free-Sync and 120hz back-light strobing/VRB)
Acer Nitro XV273 X (240hz AHVA with 48-240hz Free-Sync)
AOC 27G2U, (144hz with AMD Free-Sync)
AOC 27V2Q (75hz AMD Free-Sync)
Asus VG279Q (48-144hz AMD Free-Sync)
Asus VG279QM (48-280hz G-Sync)
Dell SE2717 (AMD Free-Sync 48-75hz)
HP 27F (48-75hz AMD Free-Sync and native 75hz for Nvidia)
Philips 276E7QDSW, 276E9 (AMD Free-Sync, 75hz and semi-wide gamut panel)
Philips 271E1 (75hz Free-Sync)
Philips 272M (144hz AMD Free-Sync)
ViewSonic VA2719-SH (60hz with 1x HDMI)

The Acer Nitro XV273 X uses a 240hz AHVA panel (marketed as IPS) with more even and vibrant colors, and less restrictive or wider viewing angles than both TN  and VA panels, is significantly faster than VA panels, and is slower than 240hz TN panels, but still fast enough for most.

AHVA Acer XV273 X versus Acer XF252Q TN panel 240hz oscilloscope measurements by TFT Central.

The Acer VG271 (144hz), AOC 27G2U (144hz), Asus VG279Q (144hz), Asus VG27QM (280hz), Dell SE2717H, HP 27F, Philips 272M (144hz) and Philips 276E9 are the best matte monitors since they're the most accurate and support 75-144hz AMD Free-Sync, though the Dell and Philips are limited to 75hz or less (73-74hz with Nvidia cards and need to manually overclock in the Nvidia Control Panel).  The 75hz HP 27F is slightly less accurate than the Dell, and the Philips has more inputs than the Dell (HDMI and VGA only), but is only available in Europe. 

The Asus VG279Q costs a bit more than the Acer VG271 and AOC 27G2U, Philips 272M, but is more accurate and the Asus comes with a height adjustable stand while the Acer and Philips doe not.  The Asus is the fastest followed by the Acer and Philips which are more accurate than the AOC. 

The Asus VG279QM has 48-280hz Nvidia G-Sync, is very accurate, has good image quality, fast pixel response times with minimal overshoot, but needs to have the overdrive (Trace Free) dropped from 60 to 40 at 60hz to reduce overshoot ghosting.

The LG 27GL650F-B uses a matte 144hz LG IPS panel which is slightly slower and less accurate than the Acer VG271, AOC 27G2U and Asus VG279Q, as well as is less accurate than the Acer and AOC.

The Acer B277bmiprzx height adjustable stand and nearly cover the sRGB color space, but has low preset gamma compared to the monitors mentioned above, but can be improved by selecting the Gamma 2.4 setting.  The AOC 27V2Q has higher preset gamma than the Acer, but it's a bit low and can't be improved, and the AOC can not fully cover the sRGB color space along with the Philips 271E1 which also supports Free-Sync and 75hz.  The Philips 276E7QDSW from 2016 has better image quality than all but the Philips 276E9, but it does not support Free-Sync  are a native refresh rate above 60hz, though it may be overclock-able.

ViewSonic VA2719-SH is very accurate and offers excellent all-around performance, but is 60hz, only has 1x HDMI and VGA, and I do not know if it is overclock-able.
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