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« on: June 22, 2018, 08:01:34 pm »

Asus VG279Q

Measurements and Review by Belgium Hardware
Review by =DEAD=
IT Hardware PL
Review by Playwares
Review by PRAD

Fully adjust-able matte 1920x1080 144hz AUO AHVA panel with AMD Free-Sync (48-144hz), Displayport, Dual-Link DVI (120hz), HDMI, 3.5mm Audio In & Out.  The Asus can fully covers, as well as slightly over-saturates colors of the HDTV/REC 709 and sRGB (SDR) color spaces, and has accurate color presets overall (default=Game Visual MOBA), which can be marginally improved by setting the Low Blue Light Filter to Level 1.  As expected, the Asus has very fast pixel response times with minimal overshoot, even when using the default overdrive (Trace Free 60) setting, and has negligible input lag (4-5ms measured by Playwares with the SMT Tool 2.0 vs a CRT).

Asus MX279HS

Review by Rtings

Matte 1920x1080 IPS panel with Displayport, 2x HDMI, VGA and 3.5mm Audio In & Out.  The MX279HS is fairly accurate, but can not fully cover the SDR (HDTV/REC 709 & sRGB) color spaces, and has slightly too high gamma in the 0-50% white range which causes dark greys and some colors to be too dark, as well as loss of detail in dark scenes (black crush).  The MX279HS has very low input lag for a 60hz display, but suffers from obvious overshoot ghosting if the overdrive or Trace Free control is not reduced from 60 to zero.  The MX279HS is decent, but not good enough to recommend over the competition, especially since it suffers from the same preset gamma flaws as its predecessor the MX279H.

Asus  VG279QM

Review by Ashun (high 60hz input lag & back-light strobing analysis)
Review by =DEAD=
Review by Global HD Russia (2.06 gamma)
Review by Les Numeriques (skewed & slightly too high gamma; warmer 6180k color temperature)
Review by PC Lab PL (27.5ms delay; measured at 60hz, different firmware or a mistake?)
Review by Playwares (2-3ms delay at 280hz and 17ms at 60hz)
Review by TFT Central (2.3ms delay at 240hz)

Fully adjust-able, matte, 1920x1080, 280hz IPS AHVA panel with back-light strobing (ELMB), Nvidia G-Sync (48-280hz), Displayport, 2x HDMI 2.0 and 3.5mm Audio Out.  The VG279QM is preset to the Racing Game Visual Mode which is very accurate and almost properly covers the sRGB color space, but the unit PC Lab PL came with slightly too low gamma (2.1-2.2) versus the nearly linear 2.2 gamma Playwares and TFT Central measuredThe VG279QM slightly over-saturates greens, oranges, reds and yellows by over 10% but is otherwise very accurate.  The VG279Q supports HDR, but it is best lest off since it lacks almost all of the features required for true HDR, especially in regards to the DCI-P3 color space coverage since it peaks around 80%.  The overdrive is preset to the Trace Free 60 setting which provides the best performance at 240hz whileTrace Free 80 speeds up the pixel response times without obvious overshoot at 280hz.  Trace Free 60 causes some obvious overshoot at 60hz; Trace Free 20 slows down the pixel response times and gets rid of most of the overshoot at 60hz, but is a bit slower than Trace Free 40 which TFT Central recommends. 

Les Numeriques measured (middle screen) a 9.7ms delay with the Leo Bodnar device at 60hz which is nearly as low as possible.

PC Lab PL measured a 27.5ms delay with a high speed camera.  27.5ms is very high for a gaming monitor.  This is likely a 60hz measurement since Ashun measured a 34ms delay at 60hz and a negligible 2ms at 280hz.
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