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Best 60-75hz Monitors
« on: August 12, 2018, 07:37:47 pm »
Best 60-75hz Monitors

Glossy* Monitors

*There are four kinds of glossy coatings used on monitors, they are the almost-glossy or low haze coating, full glossy, semi-glossy coating and plasma deposition coating.

There's only three modern (2016-2019) glossy-type coated 1440p monitor, the Dell S2718D, Nixeus Pro VUE27S and Planar PXL2790MW.  Neither the Dell nor Nixeus are as accurate as the best matte competitors, and the Dell uses a semi-glossy coating which looks washed out under bright lighting, and looks grainy when viewed slightly off angle.

The Nixeus PRO VUE27S and Planar PXL2790MW use coated tempered glass some call Plasma Deposition Coating which is the clearest and most vibrant coating, but has a glass covered black bezel which vastly reduces the perceived black depth.  The perceived black depth can be increased with bias lighting (light placed behind the display) or by placing non-stick silver tape tape on the black bezel.

The Planar is very accurate while the less accurate Nixeus needs to be set to the User mode to reduce the strong preset blue tint, and has high input lag (around 27ms if measured with the Leo Bodnar device) for a modern (2019) 1440p monitor.  I tested the Planar and measured a 20ms delay with the Leo Bodnar device while Tom's Hardware, using their own testing methodology, measured 88ms for the Nixeus and 81ms for the Planar, which is a 7ms difference, hence my 27ms estimation for the Nixeus. 

The Nixeus is less accurate than the Planar, even when set to the User mode:  Nixeus versus Planar RGB Level Measurements by Tom's Hardware:

The Nixeus also has less accurate, but still excellent preset gamma than the Planar

PDC coated monitors are the clearest, least reflective and most vibrant type of glossy monitors, but the black looks greyish due to the perceived black depth decreasing glass covered black bezel.  The perceived black depth can be increased with bias lighting (light placed behind the display) or by placing non-stick silver tape tape on the black bezel.

Matte Monitors

1.) Samsung S27H850QFU (adjustable stand, AMD Free-Sync & 75hz)
2.) Asus VZ27AQ (AMD Free-Sync & 75hz)
3.) Dell S2719DM (AMD Free-Sync & 75hz)
4.) Acer BE270U (AMD Free-Sync & 75hz)

April 3rd 2020 Update thanks to stplsd

The S27H850QFU uses low frequency LED PWM Dimming (source) when the brightness is set below a certain point (x/100).  It probably uses low frequency PWM when the brightness is set under 36 (0-35/100) like its predecessor the S27H850QFI.

The Asus VZ27AQ (Free-Sync & 75hz), Dell S2719DM (Free-Sync & 75hz), Dell U2719D (very accurate PLS), Dell U2719DC (IPS with USB-C), iiyama XUB2792QSU-B1 and Samsung S27H850QFU (best/most accurate; Free-Sync & 75hz) are the best of the non-wide gamut 2560x1440 IPS/PLS 60-75hz monitors for casual (non 144hz+) gaming and preset color accuracy wise.

*The Dell S2719DM (74hz) and iiyama XUB2792QSU-B1 (73hz) drop or skip frames when overclocked above the bracketed refresh rates when connected to Nvidia graphics cards pre-Nvidia Free-Sync supporting drivers.  I'm not sure about the others or if the new Nvidia drivers from January 14th 2019 and on fix this issue since these monitors were tested before then.

The S2719D has fake HDR (lacks wide gamut 8 bit panel with full DCI-P3 color space coverage, local dimming and high brightness), only two HDMI, and the matte coating is slightly grainier than some competitors according to PC Monitors.

The Asus PA27AC and Viewsonic VP2768 only supports 60hz and lack Free-Sync, but are extremely accurate and supports hardware calibration with an accurate colorimeter like the X-Rite i1 Display Pro, and have 14 bit 3D Look Up Tables which help reduce banding and color and shade differentiation.

The very accurate and delay free BenQ PD2710QC, Dell P2720DC (USB-C), Dell U2719D, Dell U2719DC (USB-C), LG 27QD58P-B and Philips 272B7QUPBEB (USB-C) are also great 60hz matte 1440p options with 1000:1+ contrast and height adjustable stands.

Some other competitors are the Acer RC271U, Acer BE270U (Free-Sync & 75hz), AOC Q2790PQU, Dell U2715H, Dell U2717D, S2718D (semi-glossy), Lenovo L27q-10 IPS DP, Philips 272B8QJEB, Viewsonic VX2778 which aren't as accurate and/or have lower contrast than the monitors mentioned above.
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