Author Topic: Best 27" 1440p AHVA/IPS/PLS Monitors  (Read 32536 times)


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Glossy Qnix QX2710

Discontinued 2013-2014 2560x1440 Samsung PLS panels which either came with 120-160 LED PWM Dimming or no PWM.

Review by NCX of the original version without LED PWM Dimming or Flicker.

Video Review by NCX of the 2014 version with a different inferior panel and LED PWM Dimming or Flicker.

Qnix QX2710 Multi Hot

It's the same as the QX2710R, but has a nice brushed dark matte grey bezel which vastly increases the perceived black depth while the QX2710R uses a glossy black bezel which ruins the perceived black depth, but has more inputs and costs more.  I recommend buying the Multi Hot over the others since I have tested it.

It can be overclocked to 87hz via Dual-Link DVI without skipping or dropping frames.

Review by NCX

Qnix QX2710R

Review by Playwares

The updated DP Multi True 10 is much better than the original since it is actually PWM/Flicker free, has double the contrast, faster and actually competitive pixel response times, and more accurate colour presets.  It is one of the best budget, multi-input matte 1440p options, but the slightly more expensive Asus PB278Q/PB278QR is better.  The QX2710R has faster pixel response times (less ghosting) and higher contrast than the QHD2730R, but the QHD2730R uses a PLS panel with less glow.

Qnix QX2730R

Review by Playwares.

The QHD2730R is similar to the QX2710R, but uses a PLS panel.  It's a great budget multi-input matte choice, but the slightly more expensive Asus PB278Q/PB278QR is better.
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