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Crossover 2795QHD

Product Page (Korean).
Overclocking Guide for AMD & Nvidia Graphics Cards.

Review by Playerwares
. (Korean)
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It uses a matte 2560x1440 LG LM270WQ1-SLC1 AH-IPS panel (proof).

The Crossover 2795QHD uses a 27" 2560x1440 resolution 8 Bit matte LG AH-IPS panel and can be overclocked.  The Crossover 2795 does not use LED PWM Dimming unlike the Qnix/X-Star monitors, has excellent colour presets, high contrast and fast pixel response times.  Its main downside is the use of a glossy black bezel which ruins the perceived black depth (Microsoft Paint Example & Monitor Example). Unfortunately, most Korean monitors use glossy black bezels, as do expensive monitors like the Acer XB270HU :(

Most versions (there are at least 3 for both the glossy and matte PLS versions) of the Qnix/X-Star use LED PWM Dimming which ruins motion clarity (example) and cause some people to suffer from health issues like headaches and eyestrain.  PWM Side EffectsBlur Busters 60hz vs. 120hz.  The 2795 QHD has more accurate colours than all glossy Qnix/X-Stars (especially the new 07 glossy panel which uses PWM) and faster pixel response times/less ghosting than all PLS Qnix/X-Stars.

Crossover 27S IPS DP Freedom

Review by Playwares
Product Page

The 27S IPS DP Freedom can be considered delay free, uses an AH-VA panel (AUO's version of IPS), has excellent color presets and supports AMD Free-Sync (40-60hz).

List of cards which support Free-Sync.

Crossover 27100Q

Crossover 27100Q Review by Playwares
Crossover 27100Q Product Page

The 27V, 27100Q and 27 Fast 144 are Flicker Free, can be considered delay free (3-5ms delay measured with the SMT Tool by Playwares), use AHVA panels (AUO's version of IPS), have fast pixel response times, excellent color presets and support AMD Free-Sync (assume 40-75hz or 30-90hz with the 27 Fast 144) or 75 (27V), 100hz (27100Q) or 144hz (27 Fast 144) when connected to Nvidia cards. It might be possible to increase the Free-Sync range with the mod mentioned in this thread.

List of cards which support Free-Sync.

Crossover 27 Fast 144

Review by Playwares

The Crossover 27 Fast 144 uses a 27" 2560x1440 resolution 8 Bit AUO AHVA panel, a nearly grain free matte coating, has excellent colour presets, a matte black and silver bezel, fast pixel response times and a 144hz refresh rate. Free-Sync (AMD GPU required) works from 30-90fps, eliminates tearing and lag.

Crossover 2720MDP

Discontinued glossy 2012 IPS.

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Crossover 2730MD

Discontinued glossy 2013 IPS.

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Crossover AMG & QW Series Monitors

Discontinued 2013-2014 IPS panels with Plasma Deposition Coating

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