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Acer BE270UA

Review by PC Mag
[]Review by PRAD[/URL]
Review by Toms Hardware

The B270HUA has a fully adjustable stand, a fake frame-less casing with a perceived black depth decreasing inner black bezel, and a 18ms delay (PRAD Displayport oscilloscope measurement) or <11ms PC Mag middle screen Leo Bodnar device measurement (I believe this more accurate), but it has fairly accurate color presets, fast pixel response times with minimal overshoot ghosting (overdrive Extreme is the best), a native 75hz refresh rate, and supports AMD Free-Sync.

Acer H277U

Review by Les Numeriques

The Acer H277HU uses a 60hz matte 8 bit 2560x1440 frame-less LG AH-IPS panel with good preset color accuracy, lots of inputs, fast pixel response times with minimal overshoot ghosting, but is not VESA compliant, and its frame-less casing has an inner black bezel which ruins its perceived black depth.

Acer RC271U

Review by PRAD

Acer XB270HU

The Acers main downside is the use of a glossy black bezel which ruins the perceived black depth (Microsoft Paint Example & Monitor Example).

Review by Daywalker
Review by =DEAD=
Review by PRAD
Review by Sweclockers
Review by TFT Central
[H]ard Forum Thread[/spoiler]

Acer XB271HU

Review by Alexander Gryzhin
Review by NCX (In Progress)

It's pretty much the same as the PG279Q.  The Acer XB271HU uses a 27" 2560x1440 resolution 8 Bit AUO AHVA panel, a nearly grain free matte coating, has good color presets aside from a preset green tint, a frame-less casing with an inner black bezel which decreases the perceived black depth, fast pixel response times and a 144hz refresh rate.  G-Sync (Nvivida GPU required) works from 30-165hz (144hz is the default maximum refresh rate but it can be overclocked to 165hz), eliminates tearing and lag, but Lightboost is limited to 120z.  It also has an HDMI input which allows it to work with external devices like consoles.

Acer XF270HU

List of cards which support Free-Sync.

Review by Trusted Reviews

Trusted Review's review is not very detailed, but their input lag colorimeter measurements are accurate; the XF270HU can be considered delay free and has accurate color presets like the other 27" 2560x1440 144hz AHVA panels.

The Acer XF270HU uses an essentially grain free matte coated 2560x1440 144hz AUO AHVA panel which is marketed as an IPS panel.  It uses a nice dark matte black bezel (dark grey increases the perceived black depth significantly more but dark matte is preferable to glossy black), has a fully adjust-able stand (portrait mode, height adjustable, ect) and plenty of inputs.

Warning: A few XF270HU owners have claimed that its pixel response times slow down significantly when Free-Sync is enabled as a result of the overdrive setting be reduced.  The XF270HU's overdrive setting is locked when Free-Sync is enabled; it is thought that the overdrive is changed from Normal to Off.

Acer XB271HU

Review by Alexander Gryzhin (=DEAD=)
Review by NCX (archived version)

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