Author Topic: Best 32" 4K 3840x2160 AHVA/IPS/PLS & VA Monitors  (Read 36537 times)


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« on: August 01, 2017, 12:01:50 am »

LG 31MU97

The 31MU97 is a wide gamut monitor and should only be purchased by those who intend to calibrate it with an accurate colorimeter, and use the monitor wiith programs which support color management.
Spoiler (hover to show)

LG 32UD59

Matte 4K VA panel with perceived black depth increasing dark matte grey bezel.

Review by Rtings

LG 32UD99

Review by Alexander Gryzhin (=DEAD=)
Review by Belgium Hardware & Measurements
Review by Playwares
Review by Rtings
Review by Tom's Hardware

2017 Monitor with AMD Free-Sync, hardware calibration via LG Tru Color Pro (requires compatible colorimeter) and good HDR color support.  The LG 32UD99 is is competitively priced against the BenQ, supports hardware calibration (requires a colorimeter like the X-Rite i1 Display Pro) and decent HDR color support (it actually has a wide gamut panel and offers 550cdm/2 brightness unlike most HDR monitors), but does not have good preset color accuracy for the price.  The LG is a great display for experienced users with quality room lighting and a colorimeter to truly take advantage of the monitors hardware calibration feature.  Since HDR cranks the brightness, proper display height (more information) and decent room lighting are imperative (more information), otherwise AHVA/IPS/PLS look awful when not used properly.  The 32UD99 is a waste of money if not purchased by a colorimeter owner since it needs to be hardware calibrated to ensure maximum performance, and lacks preset color accuracy worth of its 1000$ price tag.

LG 32UL950

Measurements and Review by Belgium Hardware
Review by PRAD
Pro Hardware PL
Review by Rtings

Fully adjustable matte 3840x2160 LG AH-IPS with AMD Free-Sync (40-60hz) Displayport, hardware calibration (requires compatible colorimeter), HDMI 2.0, HDR Color*, Thunderbolt, 2x USB 3.0, USB-C.  The LG needs to be hardware calibrated to be truly competitive, as well as operate as well as possible.

*Belgium Hardware was able to achieve 90% DCI-P3 (HDR) color space coverage through hardware calibrate with an accurate colorimeter (X-Rite i1 Spectrophometer) while Rtings unit was limited to 76% DCI-P3 which is achievable by standard or non-wide gamut panels, and basically fake HDR.

The unit PRAD tested uses high khz PWM (non detect-able flicker), has high DCI-P3 color space coverage (91% before calibration and 95% after) and decent preset color accuracy.  The preset color accuracy of the unit Rtings tested is mediocre for the price, and it uses motion clarity ruining 240hz LED PWM Dimming or flicker.
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