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Abnormalities & Quality Control Warnings
« on: September 27, 2018, 07:22:48 pm »
1ms TN vs 4ms AHVA (Marketed as IPS)

List of cards which support Free-Sync.

These numbers are bogus along with dynamic contrast, 160 degree+ viewing angles, and sometimes even the maximum brightness listed in the display specifications.

TN panels have slightly faster measured pixel response times, but there's barely a perceivable difference, and many of the "1ms" TN panels suffer from obvious overshoot ghosting which can't be reduced (Dell S2716DG), or are not faster than the 4ms AHVA (listed as IPS) panels once their overdrive settings are lowered/reduced to minimize overshoot ghosting.

"1ms" 144hz TN vs "4ms" 144hz AHVA Pursuit Camera Testes & Oscilloscope Measurements by TFT Central

"1ms" Asus MG248Q @60hz vs "4-8ms" AHVA/IPS/PLS @60hz

I can cite many other sources to prove that "1ms" TN panels are not significantly faster than "4ms" AHVA panels, but there's no point. Usually the only time "1-8" ms times should be believed is in the case of "5ms" TN panels since they tend to actually be significantly slower than "1-2ms" TN panels.
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